Resources for Brain Health

Nid found these sites and resource very helpful during her recovery. Brain injury isn’t just about trauma, or a requirement to have suffered. This information contributes to how to have an optimum brain and body – and life!

This is a good little article about brain foods at Greatist

Brain Injury focused

Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide – I found this really helpful in the early days to understand my symptoms and what not to worry about.

A Potted History of PCS – a helpful blog covering lots of elements about symptoms and awareness of PCS.

Neurophysiology –  this is a technical resource on the brain and injuries.

Headway – UK charity support head injuries.  They’re a great resource and super helpful.

Dr Diane – leading writer on brain health.  She also posts so tasty recipes and food ideas!

The Brain Fairy – lovely blog to support and inspire those with brain injury.

Migraines & headaches are important to understand as you’ll be in never-ending cycles of pain & tension.

Buffalo Concussion Clinic – useful resources and information including studies

Video clips to help educate people about PCS:

TED Talk: How a brain injury made me smarter

Ian Leonard talks about his experience

Jane the Concussion Slayer – world renown gamer made this game up to help her with PCS

Reclaiming your life after brain injury

Exercise and PCS

So you have a concussion, what now?

Understanding PCS, the inside view

Regaining consciousness


Better brain health

Lumosity – brain training games, the most fun & can be played on your smart phone

BrainHQ – brain training games online only.

Smarter by Dan Hurley (book looks at all aspects of health for brain improvement)

Brain wave information

TED Talk: Make stress your friend


RESEARCH – Bedard, M., Felteau, M., Mazmanian, D., Fedyk, K., Klein, R., Richardson, J., Parkinson, W., & Minthorn-Biggs, M. (2003).  Pilot evaluation of a mindfulness-based intervention to improve quality of life among people who sustained traumatic brain injuries.  Disability and Rehabilitation, 25(13), 722-731.

Breathworks – company set up by people with long-term pain to help others with pain management

Happify – help train yourself away from depression with this online & smart phone app company

Moodtraining – understand your new moods


Sound Sensitivity

Flooding (overwhelm of senses) causes a great deal of distress when your brain cannot filter out the stimulation.

Sound can be reduced by wearing ear plugs, or you could also just have straight forward hearing sensitivity.  Ear plugs can help this:

  • Fancy ones that have specialist filters are made for musicians by ACS – Specialist ear plugs
  • Cheaper ear plugs can be found in local pharmacists



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